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Xray of injured arm

Hurt by Medical Negligence?

Medical malpractice claims lives. A Harvard Medical Practice Study estimated that every year, more than 180,000 people lose their lives due to medical mistakes. Public Citizen, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of consumers, estimates that, each year, 1.3 million injuries are caused by negligence, and that more than two-thirds of these injuries are preventable.

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, nurse, psychologist or other health care professional fails to perform his or her duties according to acceptable medical practices or standards of care, and the patient is harmed as a result. Medical malpractice cases may be brought against physicians, hospitals, clinics, nurses or anyone with whom there is a medical provider-patient relationship.

Do You Have a Case?

Unfortunately, the health care industry and the insurance companies that handle the claims on behalf of the physicians and other medical professionals have been very aggressive (and successful) in lobbying for laws that make it tough for injured individuals to seek compensation for the harm they have suffered. Insurance companies are very aggressive in defending claims against the physicians, hospitals and health care providers that they insure.

For more than 40 years, the lawyers of Tinsman & Sciano have been helping people in the San Antonio area seek fair and just compensation for the damage that others have caused. We have the experience to protect your rights and the resources to see your case through to a successful conclusion.

If you think you have a case, let us give you a free consultation, or you can learn more by choosing the link that best describes the area that involves your case:

  • Birth Injuries – Injuries to newborn infants or mothers due to negligence during delivery
  • Hospital Negligence – Medication errors; hospital infections; surgical errors; emergency room mistakes, etc.
  • Physician Negligence – Failure to diagnose serious illness; delayed or misdiagnoses; surgical errors; prescription errors, etc.
  • Defective or Dangerous Drugs – Side effects from dangerous drugs such as Accutane, FOSAMAX, Vioxx, Zyprexa, and others; defective devices such as DePuy hip implants or Ortho Evra birth control patch
  • Pharmacy Negligence and Medication Errors – Errors in filling prescriptions; prescribing the wrong medication/dosage; improper administration of medication, etc.