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Jury Awards Tinsman & Sciano Major Verdict in Truck Accident Case

Jury Awards Seven Figures in Trucking Accident Case

In a recent decision, a Harris County jury delivered a seven-figure verdict to a Tinsman & Sciano client involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler.

The case involved a client who was severely injured in the wreck. At the end of the weeks-long trial, the jury found that the trucking company was at fault for allowing an unfit driver to pilot one of their tractor trailers. "The jury awarded a fair amount," said attorney Daniel J.T. Sciano, "it was a just award to compensate for past and future medical care, as well as the loss of the capacity to earn."

"The jury was aggravated at the trucking company for failing to adequately train its drivers," added attorney Dennis Moore, who partnered with Mr. Sciano on the case, "and for allowing drivers who clearly needed additional training to continue to drive on roadways and highways."

Negligence: The Leading Cause in Truck Accidents

Recent studies have shown that driver negligence is the most common factor in accidents caused by failures on the part of the truck or truck driver. The most common reason found (38%) was poor decision-making by the truck driver, which includes driving too fast, following other vehicles too closely, or ignoring traffic warnings. In addition, more than one in four accidents (28%) were caused by the truck driver's inattention due to distractions such as texting or talking on the phone while driving. All of these factors add up to high risk on public roadways.

Moreover, the company that employs the driver can also be responsible for the damage caused. "Trucking companies need to appreciate the substantial risk they put the public in," said Moore. "Competent training and retraining is essential to reduce the increasing number of preventable accidents."

In the Harris County accident, attorneys Sciano and Moore demonstrated that the trucking company did not enforce its own safety training, and allowed an unfit driver to take to the road. Unfortunately, "profits over safety is often the business reality in the motor carrier industry," said Sciano. "Until it becomes economically unprofitable to cut corners, the death and injury toll to the motoring public will continue to climb."

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